Neighbors save dog from house fire in North Reading

NORTH READING, Mass. — Three neighbors banded together to save a dog’s life Saturday from a North Reading house fire.

A neighbor said he stepped outside to find the home across the street on Audubon Road up in a ball of flames – and ran to get help.

“Guy came running over said there are two dogs in the house so I just kicked the door in," said Cantone.

The couple who lived there was not home – but their dogs were trapped. Cantone quickly found one of the German shepherds near the front door.

"There was a dog laying on the ground, took him out on to the front porch,” he said.

He then ran to try and find the other.

"I smashed the back glass door out but that dog wasn’t there," he said.

The flames were too intense to try any longer, so he and two other neighbors worked to try and resuscitate the first dog.

"I think he was pretty much passed, I brought it out on the porch I did like three or four compressions on its side and it spit stuff out and then they gave him oxygen and took him to the vet," he said.

The homeowners collected classic cars and neighbors told us that as the fire raged on, a Corvette also went up in flames.

Witnesses heard several explosions and said there was quite a bite of smoke.

Unfortunately it’s not clear what happened to the second dog – the home is too unstable for a crew to search right now.

The cause is still under investigation.