• Owner and dog attacked by coyotes while out for walk


    MILTON, Mass. - A man and his dog were attacked by a pack of four coyotes in Milton on Saturday afternoon.

    The owner, Gary Maher, says they were walking along the Granite Links Golf Course on the Milton/Quincy line when they encountered the pack of coyotes.

    "I just saw them pop up and I thought they'd just keep going like they normally do," said Maher. "The bigger of the four of them came towards me and then they started circling me and then I knew I was in it."

    Maher tried yelling at the coyotes in an effort to scare them away, but then they attacked him and his dog, Matilda.

    "I grabbed her in my left arm, then the fight was on," said Maher. "I was throwing punches and kicking (but) then one jumped up and got her leg."

    He then rushed the two and a half year old Matilda to the vet. 

    Matilda's foot was completely severed and couldn't be saved, so it had to be amputated. Maher sustained some bites, and both are now being treated for rabies.

    "I had my second shot today," Maher said on Tuesday.

    Matilda is healing up from her injury as well, but the Maher's want their neighbors to know about what happened so they can prevent future attacks.


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