Medway mom and domestic violence survivor now inspiring thousands with her story

GARDNER, Mass. — If you drive by Gardner City Hall, you’ll notice it is lit up purple. That’s because Mayor Michael J. Nicholson officially proclaimed October domestic violence awareness month. With the proclamation, a vigil where attendees got to see how real this problem is.

D’Angela Alberty of Medway is a mom with three kids, and she says they’re all dealing with post-traumatic stress after her children’s father spent 10 months in jail for abusing them. She was this year’s speaker at Gardner’s annual domestic violence awareness vigil.

Alberty has thousands of followers on social media after telling her raw and unfiltered story, the same one she told at the vigil.

“I was a victim for seven years, and each time I became pregnant I was sexually assaulted,” Alberty said. “Because I was born into domestic violence, I didn’t pick up on the red flags.”

The vigil both remembered those who lost their lives to domestic violence and honored those like Alberty who have graduated from victim to survivor.

“There were several hundred calls answered of people who found help, people who reached out looking for help and got that sense of security, and that’s a sigh of relief and something we need to highlight,” Mayor Nicholson said.

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I’m always going to fear my safety,” Alberty said. “I have a permanent restraining order.”

Despite fears from a history of abusers, she’s now opened a business to help other trauma survivors.

“A part of me really cared about this person because I wanted to see them change and do better, so I would just say to those going through this, practice your self-love,” she said.

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