MBTA closes half of parking at North Quincy station for new project

QUINCY, Mass. — Hundreds of commuters are being forced to switch up their routine, after the MBTA closed about 600 parking spaces at North Quincy station this week.

The closures are part of a new development project at the North Quincy station.

A fence now blocks off about 600 parking spaces at North Quincy station. So now, if you can't get a parking spot on the other side of the lot, you have to take a shuttle bus from another station. Many riders are not happy about it.

"I'm exhausted, man. I gotta get up at five o'clock on the morning just to get down here before 6 o'clock to get a spot here. If I don’t do that, I can't pick up my kids from daycare," said commuter Jeremy Newman.

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It's all for a mixed-use development project that will take 18 months to complete.

"OK, you closed half the parking lot, you can't get someone to, like, literally clean the snow from 15 spots to at least help us out a little bit. Like, that’s ridiculous," said Emily, another commuter.

Commuters tell us what's left of the lot, that is now completely full by 6:30 in the morning. And many people don't know where else to park.

Jeff Gonneville, deputy general manager for the MBTA, said the MBTA opened 400 additional parking spaces at the closed down Wollaston Station up the street, to allow for overflow during the construction.

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"We are looking to do whatever we can to mitigate any of the impact they’re going to have by the loss of spaces during this period of time," Gonneville said.

In addition, they reduced parking prices from $5 down to $2, to try to help customers.

"That’s adding at least 20 if not 40 minutes on anybody’s commute," said Jeremy Newman.

Many commuters said it's inconvenient to park at Wollaston Station, to then take a shuttle bus to North Quincy, while Wollaston remains closed.

"Why couldn’t this wait six months until Wollaston’s reopened?" Newman said.

Gonneville says he understands the next 6 months will be frustrating for commuters at two Red Line stops, but he hopes the end result will be worth it.

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"So yes is there an overlap right now, there is, we do know there’s an impact to our customers but again at the end of this process we know both Wollaston and North Quincy will be better stations, better areas, better amenities for our customers," Gonneville said.

Gonneville says this project should be done in 18 months and it'll include a garage that will reopen all the parking spots that were lost.

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