Witness testifies to jury that Adam Montgomery was in her apartment night of gun theft

MANCHESTER, NH — In the gun theft trial of Adam Montgomery, a woman told the jury that Adam was in her apartment the night two guns were stolen from underneath her bed.

Kim Fran told the jury that while her ex-husband, Chris Frain, was in New York on a construction job, Montgomery was in her living room where the two wanted to buy drugs, but they passed out.

“We went into the living room, I remember just sitting on the couch,” Frain said. “Then I looked over at him, he was half asleep. I had been up for three days at that time, and I remember closing my eyes. When I woke up in the morning, he was gone.”

Montgomery is accused of stealing a shotgun and an AR-15 assault rifle from the Frain home and offering it for sale in late September and early October 2019.

Frain testified that even though she pawned off her husband’s wedding ring and other objects, she didn’t move the guns.

She said she grew suspicious about Montgomery when she heard others talking about him possibly stealing the guns.

But under cross-examination, Frain had difficulty answering questions from Montgomery’s lawyer.

Another witness, Mark Reed, told the jury that Adam Montgomery reached out to him on Facebook Messenger, offering to sell him two guns.

In the exchanges, Montgomery said he needed money because his family was facing eviction from their Manchester home.

This was only months before Harmony Montgomery disappeared.

In her opening statement, Montgomery’s lawyer, Caroline Smith, said Frain actually gave the guns to her drug dealer in return for drugs.

She pointed out that Frain had pawned off her husband’s wedding ring and other personal items to feed her drug habit, although Frain told jurors she has been sober for three years.

Montgomery did nothing more than help the drug dealer sell the guns, Frain said.

The defense attorney said Adam’s notoriety is driving this prosecution.

Montgomery is on trial, charged with being a career-armed criminal, the accusation stemming from the two gun thefts in September 2019.

He is not yet on trial for the murder of his 5-year-old daughter Harmony Montgomery, who was last seen three months later in December 2019.

Adam Montgomery’s trial for Harmony Montgomery’s death is scheduled to begin later this year.

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