First glimpse inside the NH apartment searched in Harmony Montgomery investigation

MANCHESTER, N.H. — This week, the block around 644 Union Street in Manchester was close to traffic while the FBI and New Hampshire State Police seized possible evidence from a small apartment in the Harmony Montgomery investigation.

Most notably, we saw a refrigerator and what appeared to be floor boards loaded onto a truck, which then brought the evidence to a lab for further analysis.

The search was conducted in apartment 2 and it is where Harmony Montgomery’s father and stepmother once lived. It is unclear if Harmony herself ever lived there.

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The current resident does not wish to be identified.

But in an interview, “Ginger” told me Harmony’s case is on her mind.

“It’s heartbreaking to be in an apartment that you think something might have happened in,” Ginger said.

Apartment 2 is a small one bedroom unit.

In the kitchenette stands a new refrigerator, replacing the previous fridge that was wrapped in black plastic and removed from the apartment Tuesday.

Ginger is not sure why police grabbed the refrigerator.

“That fridge is supposedly a newer fridge,” she said. It wasn’t here when they were here. A lot of the stuff, the maintenance man was telling me, was not here when they were here. There were three tenants before me.”

In the kitchenette, in a small front hallway, and in the bedroom, it was clear that police removed sections of the tiles and carpets.

In the bedroom, police seemed to be most interested the small closet.

“The closet was all just ripped up,” Ginger said. “They took my things out of the closet. Then they took the walls off the closet. There was a shelf and a bar, that’s all gone.”

A maintenance worker is helping to rebuild the closet and replace flooring.

In the bathroom, Ginger told me police cut a hole in the ceiling over the tub so they could access water pipes.

She also said door knobs and shower faucets were removed, collected and replaced.

In 2021, Adam Montgomery was arrested several times at Union Street, while he lived here with Kayla Montgomery. He was charged with criminal mischief, stalking Kayla and resisting arrest.

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Harmony Montgomery would be 8 years old now.

She has not been seen since November or December 2019.

Ginger never met the Montgomery family, but she can’t stop thinking about Harmony and about what might have happened inside her apartment.

“It’s breaking my heart,” she said.

The Manchester Police Department and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, on Thursday, denied requests for interviews about Tuesday’s search and the Harmony Montgomery investigation.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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