‘Shots fired!’: Police body cam video shows Lakeville man taunting officers with gun before shooting

LAKEVILLE, Mass. — The Lakeville Police officer’s commands are heard in the body cam video as he exits his police cruiser in the dark of night.

“Drop the (expletive) gun! Drop the (expletive) gun right now!” the officer is heard shouting to the Lakeville man who had confronted the officer who was monitoring traffic near Precinct and Pickens streets around 3:45 a.m. Friday.

“Kill or be killed!” the man shouts repeatedly as he approaches the officer.

“Pickens Street. I’ve got someone pointing a gun,” the police officer says, as he radios for backup.

“Drop the (expletive) gun! Drop the (expletive) gun right now!” the officer repeats, as the man keeps shouting, “Kill or be killed!” The man shouts a derogatory word to the officer. “Come on (expletive)!” the man shouts.

The graphic video, recorded by a body camera worn by that Lakeville Police officer, captured the tense moments before police shot a Lakeville man who was taunting police with what appeared to be a gun. Prosecutors said the weapon wielded by the man was later determined to be a replica gun.

Police released the body cam video on Tuesday afternoon, one day after Timothy Hladik, 45, of Lakeville, was arraigned from his hospital bed at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford on charges including two counts each of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and threat to commit a crime. A not guilty plea was entered on Hladik’s behalf.

In the video, the officer commands Hladik to drop the gun a total of 11 times.

After the officer calls for backup, Hladik brazenly continues to approach the Lakeville officer and his police cruiser while pointing what appears to be a gun. Shots are fired.

At one point during the confrontation, Hladik shouts: “Nice shot, (expletive). You missed me.”

Another voice is heard, that of an off-duty Massachusetts State Police trooper who stopped at the scene to help the officer. The off-duty trooper shouts: “Drop it!”

The Lakeville officer rushes back to nearby woods. Hladik, still pointing what appears to be a gun, continues to approach the Lakeville officer. More shots are fired.

“Shots fired,” the Lakeville officers says as he radios to police again. The trooper shouts out to the officer that he is with Massachusetts State Police.

“I’ve got one down,” the officer tells dispatch. “Out with a trooper as well.”

Judge Sabine Coyne allowed the body camera footage to be released during Hladik’s arraignment on Monday.

Hladik is due back in court for a dangerousness hearing on Oct. 12.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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