Shoppers in Shrewsbury try to beat the storm and stock up early for Turkey Day

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — The Salvation Army bells can be heard as the sounds of the season begin.

And with Thanksgiving just two days away, people are rushing to stock up for turkey day.

“I’m a typical husband and wait until the last minute and this year I swore I would do it earlier and I got it one day earlier,” said Christian Jenkins, a shopper in Shrewsbury.

Jenkins got the job done and a day before a nasty storm is set to hit New England. He’s not alone.

“Exactly, that’s the exact reason why I came. And it’s not too bad in there,” said Michelle Tulloch from Sutton.

And with colder winter weather starting, MassDot suggests everyone carry an emergency kit in their cars.

The top 5 things they recommend having on hand are a flashlight, a blanket, some water, a first aid kit, and a charger for your cell phone.

Tulloch says planning like that is also how she tackles her Thanksgiving shopping.

“I think days ahead, actually weeks ahead so if I can get some staples ahead of time it usually helps out and doesn’t cost so much.”

But not every shopper has the same strategy.

“Not bad — this time last night was hectic,” said Janice Holland, a shopper in Shrewsbury.

Holland came back again saying she tackles the job in stages.

“Oh, I don’t know. Whenever I forget something. Three times maybe,” she said.

This time Holland says is all about getting some desserts done early.

“No, I just want to finish my cookies tonight and not tomorrow,” said Holland.

As for Tulloch, she plans to wow guests with her favorite treat for Turkey Day.

“Meat stuffing, French meat stuffing.”

For a complete list of what to include in your car’s emergency kit click on this link.

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