Police recover accessible van stolen from mother of son with physical disabilities

BROCKTON, Mass. — Police have recovered an accessible van that was stolen over the weekend from a Brockton mother whose son has physical disabilities.

On Tuesday night Sandra Tavares’s van sits back in front of her home where it belongs. “I feel happy but also, I can’t even describe how I feel,” says Tavares.

Her van just wasn’t found how it was left. “This looks like it is damaged too because usually when you open it, it goes down,” says Tavares.

Boston 25 News brought you the story in 2016 when Sandra’s son Nayden Navares who was two years old at the time was hit by a car leaving him unable to walk. Now, too big to carry, Sandra relies on the van to get him to his doctor’s appointments.

“The van is everything for us because Nayden is everything for us so without the van, we can’t move,” says Tavares.

8-year-old Nayden is unable to talk, but Tavares says he showed his excitement in other ways for the van being back.

“He gave me a smile so I am sure when he sees the van outside, he will be very happy so that is what matters to me,” says Tavares.

On Saturday morning, she left the van running to go inside and grab her wallet. When she came out, the van was gone. Her surveillance video captured people wearing hoodies open the door before the video stops. Brockton Police say a patrol officer found the van Monday evening within a 2-mile radius of Sandra’s home while searching neighborhoods in the area of Grove Street.

“I don’t want them to do it to other people. I want them to stop. You should feel safe to leave your stuff open or leave your door open,” says Tavares.

Brockton Police interviewed neighbors in the area where the van was found, but still, no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about this theft is asked to call Brockton Police.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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