People lined up at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline to grab solar glasses to watch the eclipse

BROOKLINE, Mass. — Hundreds of people lined up at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline on Monday to grab a last-minute pair of solar glasses to watch the eclipse.

“I’ll tell you what I like, is the sense of community here, we’ve all come out under the hill and kind of witnessed this together,” said Chuck Goldstone, who lives in Brookline.

On top of a hill, overlooking the skyline of Boston, it was an historic moment.

“It’s always been a place where people come to view all sorts of astronomical things because it’s really one of the biggest green spaces in the area,” said Arisa Boit, chair of the Friends of Larz Anderson Park.

Boit says they handed out more than 250 solar glasses and there were still plenty of people asking for them after they ran out.

“We ordered them a couple of months ago, making sure we had them in hand, and I think we could have ordered another hundred and easily given them away,” said Boit.

Even though only 93 percent of the sun was covered by the moon in Brookline, you could feel the difference – from the light changing to the temperature dropping.

And of course, it was a once-in-a-lifetime view if you wore those glasses.

“It’s fascinating to look at the sun through these glasses, it’s more interesting to look at what the light is doing, this is an eerie kind of light, I can’t even describe it, doesn’t normally happen during the day,” said Goldstone.

Many were glad they came out to witness this since it’s something they may never see again.

“Well I figured I had to be at this one because I added 27 years on and I think I’m busy that day,” said Goldstone.

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