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Lead investigator reads his ‘unprofessional & regrettable’ texts on stand in Karen Read murder trial

DEDHAM, Mass. — An explosive day in the Karen Read murder trial Monday after a Massachusetts State Police trooper was in the hot seat over his personal text messages about the case.

Trooper Michael Proctor, the lead investigator in this case, was finally called to the stand, where he had a lot of explaining to do, as his personal text messages about Karen Read were revealed.

“What did you write after you talked about going through [Read’s phone]?” Defense Attorney Alan Jackson asked Proctor.

“No nudes so far,” Proctor replied.

Jackson grilled Proctor about messages to friends, family, and his supervisors regarding the case.

Alan Jackson: “Who’s the [expletive] client?”

Michael Proctor: “I was referring to Ms. Read, again, unprofessional language .”

Alan Jackson: “I’m asking you who you were referring to. I don’t need an explanation.”

Proctor apologized multiple times and told the jury his texts did not impact the investigation.

“The rest of the unprofessional and regrettable comments are something I’m not proud of,” Proctor said.

Outside of court, Karen Read had this to say about the texts:

“I would like for the state police to say something about the language they heard.”

It was the prosecution that first introduced the texts to the jury. Proctor did not read off any texts that would indicate cover-up.

Defense Attorney David Yannetti also spoke about Proctor’s texts including one where Proctor says he hates Yannetti.

“They clearly show his hatred and bias for Karen and his defense team,” Yannetti said. “There’s no benefit of him putting in writing to his bosses what exactly he’s doing so I think that’s of no consequences.”

Trooper Proctor texted his friends that he believed Karen Read hit and killed John O’Keefe. Proctor is already facing a State Police internal affairs investigation for his texts.

He is expected to be back on the stand Wednesday, when the trial resumes.

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