New court documents reveal list of electronics seized from ‘Turtleboy’ blogger after arrest

STOUGHTON, Mass — Massachusetts State Police seized 11 items from Aidan Kearney, the blogger who calls himself “Turtleboy”, according to new court documents filed at Stoughton District Court obtained by 25 Investigates. Police searched Kearney’s home in Holden, Massachusetts Wednesday following his arrest on witness intimidation and conspiracy charges related to the alleged harassment of witnesses in the Karen Read murder trial.

Documents show police obtained multiple warrants to search for electronics inside Kearney’s home, his Lexus SUV, and on his person. The documents reveal police are seeking evidence related to the multiple charges he currently faces, and one warrant alleges “probable cause” that Kearney recorded people without their consent.

Search warrant “return” documents show police confiscated 6 Apple iPhones, 2 computers, 2 SD cards, and a silver USB drive from Kearney. In the application for the warrant, police requested to confiscate, “Any mobile device reasonably used by Aidan Kearney to illegally intercept oral communications, conspire, disseminate the illegally obtained communication, and intimidate witnesses of the murder of John O’Keefe”.

O’Keefe’s girlfriend, Karen Read, is charged with 2nd-degree murder for the Boston Police Officer’s death in January 2022. She’s accused of backing over him and leaving him to die in a snowstorm. Kearney claims Read has been framed in a coverup and he has publicly named multiple people he claims are responsible.

An addendum to one of the warrant applications reveals police are seeking to find communication Kearney had with 6 people identified by the Norfolk District Attorney’s office as witnesses or family members of witnesses in the Read case, the lead State Police detective on the case, and his wife. In videos posted on Kearney’s website, he’s seen calling witnesses by phone and showing up at their homes.

Police are also seeking “data evidencing ownership, custody or control electronic evidence items including activation date, email accounts, billing records, social media account information, calendars, alerts, reminders, notes, text messages, and pictures or videos from April 1, 2023 through and including October 5, 2023″, according to the warrant to search Kearney’s person.

In addition, there are references to a video Kearney recorded while speaking to a state police detective inside a bathroom at Norfolk County Superior Court on July 25th, data associated with his X or Twitter account, and communication Kearney allegedly had with an Avon police dispatcher accused of accessing license plate records on Kearney’s behalf.

Kearney has said he plans to fight the charges on the grounds that his actions are protected by the 1st amendment. In a tweet Friday, he wrote, “When I stood in shackles on Wednesday they thought it would intimidate and scare me. It didn’t. All I saw was weakness and insecurity from a corrupt system that knows that I’m exposing them. We’re just getting started.”

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