Natick town meeting member storms Capitol during riot

NATICK, Mass. — Natick town leaders say at this point they don’t have the authority to remove a town meeting member from their elected position after receiving calls and emails about that member joining the mob at the Capitol last week.

Wednesday night during their meeting the Board of Selectmen adopted a statement regarding last week’s events calling it disgraceful.

“We support the right of all people to engage in peaceful protest, the right to petition and the right to free speech, the unlawful actions of last week however were an attempt to thwart the will of the American people as expressed in a legally conducted election,” said Karen Adelman-Foster, vice chair of the Select Board, while reading their statement. “It was an attack on democracy itself and we strongly condemn it. We call for accountability on those who acted unlawfully and for the leaders and others who encouraged or supported such actions by words and deeds.”

The Natick Board of Selectmen took a stand against the attack on the Capitol.

The board was bombarded with dozens of emails and even a petition to remove a town meeting member from her position after she was seen in pictures storming the Capitol last week with her fist in the air.

During a public comment period Wednesday night, members of the community voiced concerns about this member taking part in the insurrection and also not wearing a mask.

But the board chair says legally they don’t have the right to remove an elected town meeting member from their position.

“Town meeting members are elected by the voters based on the precincts in which the members live. Town meeting members are not town employees nor are they town officers,” said Jonathan Freedman, board chair. “There are recall provisions in the Natick homeroom charter that talk to recalling certain elected officials, but those provisions specifically exclude town meeting members.”

The board also made a statement regarding the pandemic. They say anyone participating in a political event or traveling should still follow the COVID-19 guidelines by wearing a mask and quarantining to keep the rest of the community safe.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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