Lawsuit filed against MGB after 450 Salem Hospital patients were possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis

SALEM, Mass. — A lawsuit has been filed against Mass General Brigham after hundreds of patients at Salem Hospital were possibly exposed to HIV and hepatitis.

Keches Law Group on Friday announced the class-action suit against MGH, Salem Hospital and 10 employees on behalf of Melinda Cashman after officials earlier this week warned at least 450 endoscopy patients that they may have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C over a two-year period due to incorrectly administered IVs.

The suit cites Cashman’s emotional distress and decreased quality of life in the face of the possibility of a “life-changing condition.”

“Our client deserves to have someone take responsibility for years of negligence,” Keches Law Group said. “We want victims of this tragedy to know that we are fighting for them and that the people who wronged them need to be held accountable.”

Keches Law Group said Cashman underwent an endoscopic procedure at Salem Hospital sometime between June 14, 2021, and April 19, 2023, and was subjected to a “heightened risk of exposure to those life-threatening infections.”

“She was recently notified by the defendants that she would need to undergo testing, screening, and evaluation to determine whether she was infected, a process that could take months or even years. As a result, she will continue to suffer severe emotional distress and mental anguish. The formal court complaint is attached,” Keches Law Group added.

Endoscopy patients are those who undergo any kind of visual imaging on an organ such as a colonoscopy, a cystoscopy, and a laryngoscopy.

Salem Hospital said it uncovered the faulty IV procedure earlier this year and the protocol was fixed soon after. They have since notified all patients who were potentially exposed.

The attorneys filing the suit, Jonathan Sweet and Jeffrey Catalano, made the formal announcement at the Keches Law Office on Friday afternoon.

When asked for comment on the lawsuit, a spokesperson for Mass General Brigham said, “We are aware of, and reviewing it.”

WATCH LIVE: Attorneys announcing lawsuit after possible HIV, hepatitis exposure at Salem Hospital.

WATCH LIVE: Attorneys announcing lawsuit after possible HIV, hepatitis exposure at Salem Hospital.

Posted by Boston 25 News on Friday, November 17, 2023

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