Large-scale Boston Pride parade not happening again in 2022

BOSTON — The massive Boston Pride parade that’s been celebrated in the city for decades won’t be happening again this summer.

The June parade didn’t happen in 2020 or 2021 because of the pandemic.

Boston Pride, the nonprofit organizer of past parades, then announced it was shutting down last July.

The organization dissolved after the all-white board of directors faced accusations of ignoring racial minorities and transgender people.

Grassroots organizations have since emerged to share their input about Boston Pride, but none have established a new nonprofit to fill the void.

“How do you want inclusion and then not carry some of the torch,” said Brian, a South End resident who lives along the parade route. “Whoever wants to be included should have their voice be heard, but they should also own some of the work that has to be done.”

The CEO of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce told Boston 25 News that the dissolution of the former Boston Pride organization plays a role in the current predicament.

“They knew good and well that dissolving when they did was not going to give the community enough time,” said Grace Moreno. “I’ll say personally that they didn’t want the success of future pride.”

Moreno said a grassroots coalition is working to put together a pop-up Boston Pride event on Boston Common.

The details of that event are still being sorted out, but Moreno said it won’t include floats or a march.

According to Moreno, that type of large-scale event wasn’t realistic under the circumstances.

“One of the things that was more important was to make sure we put together an inclusive pride where all the voices are heard and where everybody can actually come to the table,” explained Moreno. “That simply takes time.”

The Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce hopes there will be a Boston Pride parade in 2023.

“It’s really starting over and building from the ground up,” added Moreno. “It isn’t going to be the same route. It isn’t going to be the same thing, but nothing is the same now.”

Mayor Wu addressed the situation last month when she announced the creation of a new Office of LGBTQ+ Advancement.

“I stand with the organizations wanting to make sure that the foundation is strong before rushing into any event,” said Wu back in March.

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