’It’s a miracle she’s alive’: Family of Boston Public Garden crash victim hopeful for recovery

’It’s a miracle she’s alive’: Family of Boston Public Garden crash victim hopeful for recovery

BOSTON — For the first time since the crash, the family of a woman hit by a pick-up truck at the Boston Public Garden is speaking about the victim’s recovery.

Back in October, Kamila Guimaraes was nearly killed after a driver crashed a stolen pickup truck into a gate at the Boston Public Garden, resulting in debris causing life-threatening injuries to her, who had been walking nearby.

The pickup truck careened onto the curb at one of the entrances to the garden, struck a granite pillar and other chunks of debris, which then struck Guimaraes, according to police and witnesses.

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Her husband, Jonas Araujo, spoke to Boston 25 through a Portuguese translator over a month after the crash. Family members are so thankful to all the first responders and strangers who stopped and ran over to help Guimaraes.

“I’m happy she is alive, she is a miracle,” said Araujo.

Araujo says Guimaraes was visiting the area with her cousin and other relatives when she was hit.

“She had a fracture in her skull, five fractures in her face,” said Araujo.

The 32-year-old mother had just gotten married in September and runs a housekeeping business with her mom. She dreams of becoming a nurse, especially after what she is going through.

“Half of her face is paralyzed, “said Sabrina Ribeiro, a close family friend. “The eye is not moving. The other [side of her] face is drooping.”

Prosecutors say 58-year-old Keith Andrade allegedly stole a black pickup truck on Oct. 1 from a fire station in the Back Bay and then proceeded to crash the vehicle at the garden. Nearby surveillance cameras captured the devastating crash.

“I was able to see her a few hours later, and she was dead to me, as a nurse, her face, skin color, everything,” said Ribeiro.

After spending four weeks in the hospital and rehab, Guimaraes is now home with her mother who will care for her.

“She will recover and she will be the Kamila she was before,” said Araujo.

“Never give up, even if there’s only that one percent chance,” said Ribeiro.

Kamila’s family says it’s easy to talk about her because she is the type of woman who is always there for her family.

Following the crash, the family says they thought there was no hope for her recovery, but they never stopped believing she could pull through.

However, is still a long road to recovery for Guimaraes. The family hopes the funds they’re raising on their GoFundMe page will help pay for her medical expenses, which you can donate to by clicking on this link.