Florida storm impacts locals here and there

Boston - Hurricane Ian has arrived in Florida and it is not only causing problems in that area. The massive storm is also impacting travel and people’s plans.

People were on the move at Logan, watching the boards closely as more and more cancelations were posted. Successful travelers, like Marnice Miller, tweaked their plans early. “I flew out because I had a feeling that they would close the airports which they did,” said Miller.

So far Diane Weston’s flight down to the Carolinas is on but she knows the storm’s remnants will be a factor. “We are just concerned that maybe the beaches we want to go see are going to be flooded so it is really disappointing on those beaches”

00:30 “they canceled our flight yesterday in the morning,” said Weston.

Getting out of Florida was not happening for Amy Nesbitt and family. She showed Boston 25 the scene outside their hotel room at Disney World over zoom. “All the buildings are saran wrapped up,” said Nesbitt. Their flight was canceled and now they are stranded for at least a couple of days. “Starting today I think at 3 you are not supposed to leave where you are checked in. So we are just stuck,” said Nesbitt.

Stuck with the essentials to get them through the storm. “We were able to get some groceries delivered but most of the stuff was sold out,” said Nesbitt, “we have some spaghetti and popcorn, chips and we went to Magic kingdom so we have lots of candy”

AAA says this storm will likely impact travel even after it is gone because of the damage left behind. So if you do have a trip down south they recommend checking hotels and other reservations to make sure they are up and running.

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