Dozens rally in Boston for peace in Lebanon following deadly explosion

BOSTON — Dozens rallied in Boston Saturday to demand a change in Lebanon’s government after the deadly explosion Tuesday in Beirut.

“I think it’s time to change the people sitting in power,” said Kabalane Jeneid, who grew up in Lebanon and moved his family to the U.S. for a better life.

He says there’s been hardship in Lebanon for decades and he feels the country’s leaders are corrupt.

“It’s not that we need the dollars only that come and go, we need change and I believe the whole world should be on our side to have that change,” said Jeneid.

Thousands protested in Lebanon Saturday for that change after a massive explosion killed more than 150 people in Beirut Tuesday.

Many of the protesters blaming the government for the deadly explosion that also left thousands injured.

“It’s extremely emotional, being away from that and not being able to help I think is the most painful,” said Adelene Jeneid, who helped organize the rally in Boston. “Seeing that such amazing people can’t really do anything in such a powerless country.”

That’s why Adelene Jeneid and many others hope to rally awareness in Boston and beyond in the hopes that other nations will step in to help bring peace to Lebanon.

“Hopefully this will lead to actual change and actual accountability on an international scale,” said Adelene Jeneid. “Today is about making a stand for a new nation for one that is stronger one that cares for their people.”

The organizers say if you want to donate to Lebanon you should send your money to organizations like the Red Cross in Lebanon instead of governmental agencies.