‘Disgusting’ public urination a problem for some residents in South Boston

BOSTON — Hundreds of young adults are soaking up the sun at M Street Beach now that the summer weather has arrived.

It’s a favorite spot in Southie, but this year some beach goers are causing an unpleasant problem. They are using neighbors’ yards as bathrooms.

Svetlana Snegour is a recent transplant to South Boston.

“So I thought it was a joke when I first heard it. I think it’s absolutely disgusting,” she said.

Neighbors told Boston 25 that people are using their yards to urinate and it’s not pretty.

“It’s very rude, not sanitary, It’s not your property and it’s illegal,” said Caroline O’Brien.

Part of the problem is that L Street Bathhouse is closed for renovations. But Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh says that’s no excuse.

“The people using the beach: Somebody’s front yard is not a bathroom,” Walsh said.

Neighbors said it’s more than a nuisance. It’s an invasion of privacy and people are trespassing.

They want the city or DCR, which oversees M Street Beach, to do something immediately.

“The porta potties would be a great option but because of everything no one should be using those either,” Snegour said.

In the meantime, until something is figured out, she has a message for beachgoers: “I mean, definitely don’t use the yards.”

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