‘Center for COVID Control’ testing locations in Mass. ordered closed by DPH

NEEDHAM, Mass. — A handmade sign taped to the door that says “Closed for the time being” now greets people who are still coming to the Center for COVID Control testing site in Needham.

We asked a mother with her children in tow as she walked up to the locked door if she was there to get all the kids tested.

“Yes,” she replied.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health shut them down three locations in Massachusetts, because they’re not licensed saying:

“You must immediately cease providing all services that require clinical laboratory licensure by the Department. These activities cannot resume unless and until you are licensed by the Department to provide such clinical laboratory services.

—  Department of Public Health

Boston 25 learned of issues with the testing site after people complained they were not getting results back on time or at all.

“I was actually here just before Christmas I had the sniffles… I was tested at the time… it’s been several weeks and no result,” said Barry Pollack who took a test here before Christmas and still has not received the results.

The town of Needham wrote letters to the Attorney General and DPH after reports of delayed test results..

“Town Counsel wrote to those 2 departments and said we’re really concerned about this. We’d like you to look into it. We’re worried that unlicensed or substandard services are being provided,” said Tim McDonald/ Needham Director Health and Human Services

That helped start the investigation in Massachusetts. The Illinois based business operates in several states and is also being investigated by Florida and California.

We reached out to the company all week. But only after they were shut down did they finally issue a statement. In it they blame the surge from the Omicron variant.

In a statement the company said in part:

CCC acknowledges this operational strain on customer access and delivery of results/status in some locations… the company is announcing today it will temporarily pause further collection of patient specimens effective Friday, January 14, with plans to reopen Saturday, January 22, 2022.

—  Center for COVID Testing

As others came looking to get a test they didn’t seem too shocked by the sudden closure and went to find another place to get a COVID test.

“Yeah it’s kind of crazy It’s hard to try to find tests with appointments so it’s ahh… I guess I’m not surprised though,” said a woman who asked not to be identified.

While the company hopes to reopen nationwide on January 22, 2022, it remains unclear if that timeline is feasible in Massachusetts. Since the state closed them down they will need a license to reopen.

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