Needham COVID-19 testing site reported to Attorney General

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Sandy Tam remembers waiting out in the cold in a long line for a Covid test at the Center for Covid Control in Needham.

“From the time we stood in line until we got tested, it was about a two-hour wait, Said Sandy Tam from Medfield.

That was on January 4th. The company’s website promises a 48-hour turnaround but signs on site say it’s more likely a 3 to 5-day wait.

“So, I did not get my results within the 3 days,” said Tam.

Sandy’s results didn’t come back on day 5 either, And it’s now been 7 days.

“It’s busy and was after the holiday and maybe they you know I guess mine fell through the cracks,” she said.

Now over a week later, she’s tired of waiting. The other day on FaceBook Tam saw people talking about the testing site and she chimed in….

“Maybe try that place? And I just called and said no don’t try that place because we never get results back,” said Tam.

Tam is not alone. The town of Needham has gotten so many complaints that they reached out to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Attorney General in a letter. It says in part:

“Town officials have become aware of complaints that persons who have submitted to testing at this site are receiving results days or weeks later than promised, or sometimes not at all.”

Christopher Heep, Needham Town Counsel

And there are complaints against the Center for Covid Control across the country. In Florida, they face claims of charging for negative test results.

Newsweek says the company received an “F” from the Better Business Bureau.

Meantime, back in Massachusetts Tam just wants her Covid test results back… and warns others to steer clear of the center for covid control.

“My personal experiences I’ll never go back there. Now I’m telling everybody don’t go there either,” said Tam.

Boston 25 did reach out to the local business. We were directed to corporate offices in Chicago. We have not heard back from them as of this writing.