19-year-old woman stabbed in neck following home invasion in Melrose

MELROSE, Mass. — Ally Westgate was awoken at 3 AM Wednesday in the morning to a man demanding her car keys.

“I was asleep and all I hear is give me give me your keys,” said Westgate.

He was standing over her bed and demanding her car keys while he held a 12-inch knife.

“Last night I’m asleep and some man was in my room he was saying give me your car keys. I’m like who are you? Get out of my house.”

Ally later realized he had rummaged through her kitchen drawers and took out a 12-inch blade.

When she saw him, she tells Boston 25 that was in shock and instinctively fought back. Westgate says that’s when he started slashing at her.

“I got up I grabbed my purse and tried to fight him off the best I could. He started hacksawing at me like no tomorrow. I didn’t even feel anything happen,” she said.

Ally chased him as he fell down the stairs with the knife still in his hands. Only then did she realize that she was injured.

“I have three stitches right here,” she pointed to her neck. “A puncture wound in the back of my head, a puncture wound on my shoulder, and a slice right here in my head,” said Westgate.

Melrose Police released a picture of the suspect. Boston 25 obtained the video as the same man tried to enter a neighbor’s house earlier in the night. Melrose Police believe he’s responsible for a rash of break-ins in town.

They say two vehicles were stolen overnight and one even had the key fob inside. Police also say every car and home broken into was left unlocked. They urge people to make sure they lock their doors.

As for Westgate, she just wants whoever attacked her caught by police before he does this to someone else.

“He took off and still has that knife and is still on the streets of Melrose with that knife,” said Westgate.

This is an ongoing investigation.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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