LIVE BLOG: Shark sightings, encounters in and around Massachusetts

LIVE BLOG: Shark sightings, encounters in and around Massachusetts
Shark. (Photo credit: skeeze / Pixabay)

You can't talk about summertime in Massachusetts without mentioning sharks. Whether you're terrified of sharks or fascinated by them, the "sharkmania" in our area is real - and rightfully so.

Sightings have become near-daily occurrences, most likely from the number of seals that migrate to this area for the summer.

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We've been keeping track of the biggest shark incidents so far this year:

Monday, September 17, 11:40 a.m.: White shark spotted close to shore at Nauset Public Beach.

Saturday, September 16, 1:20 p.m.: Plane spots white shark near Nauset beach in Eastham. Water closed for one hour.

Saturday, September 15, 12:10 p.m.: A man died after being attacked by a shark 300 yards off Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet. First reported fatal shark encounter off Cape Cod in over 80 years. 

Thursday, September 6, 2:55 p.m: White shark close to shore at Nauset Public. At least two in the area.

Thursday, September 6, 12:45 p.m: Pilot sees 8 white sharks off Nauset Public Beach. One close to shore.

Tuesday, September 4, 1:30 p.m.: Shark spotted off Chatham Bars.

Friday, August 31: Shark sighted a few yards off of a beach in Eastham. Beach closed for an hour.

Tuesday, August 28: Confirmed white shark sighting by lifeguards at Head of Meadow Beach approximately 75 yards from shore. Water closed for swimming for one hour.

Monday, August 27, 11:50 a.m.: Shark breach out of the water in front of Truro Town beach approximately 100 yards from shore. Closed for swimming for one hour.

Monday, August 27, 10:24 a.m.: Confirmed shark sighting at Nauset Public beach in Orleans, Massachusetts.

Saturday, August 25, 12:35 p.m.: Great white shark spotted 20 yards off Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.

Friday, August 24, 4:12 p.m.: Nauset Beach closed for swimming for one hour after lifeguards confirm great white shark sighting.

Friday, August 24: Great White shark seen chasing seal about 10 feet from Truro Town Beach near Head of the Meadow. Swimming closed for one hour.

Thursday, August 23: Great white shark found dead on Truro beach.

Monday, August 20: 50,000-pound finback whale washes up on Duxbury Beach

Friday, August 17: Great white shark spotted off Barnstable Harbor

Thursday, August 16: Caught on camera: Humpback whale breaches next to fishing boat in Hampton Beach, N.H.

VIDEO: Humpback whale breaches right next to NH boat. Footage courtesy: Zach Fahey.

Thursday, August 16: Shark seen attacking what appeared to be a seal at Race Point Beach in Provincetown.

Wednesday, August 15: 61-year-old man from New York bitten by shark off Long Nook Beach in Truro.

Monday, August 6: Caught on camera: Great white shark jumps out of water at Atlantic White Shark Conservancy researcher's feet in Wellfleet.

A close call for a researcher in Wellfleet.

Sunday, July 29: Pictures capture white shark swimming near stand-up paddleboarder in Nauset.

Friday, June 29: Great white shark sighting near swimmers at Race Point Beach in Provincetown.

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