‘We are well on our way to containment’ Provincetown town manager says as COVID-19 cases decrease

BOSTON — The Provincetown town manager announced Monday afternoon that there has been a major decrease in active COVID-19 cases within the last week.

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Last week, Town Manager Alex Morse reported a total of 103 active COVID-19 cases within the town, but that number has now been reduced to 59.

In total, there have been 231 COVID-19 cases among Provincetown residents, with 212 out of that 231 that have fully recovered or been released. Morse added that the number of people recovering each day far exceeds the number of new cases being added.

There has been an improvement in test positivity rates since surveillance of the Provincetown cluster began, from a peak of 15% on July 15 to a new low of 3.3% reported on July 31 and 4% reported on August 1.

The town manager added that per the guidance of the Department of Public Health, July 31 was the last day that someone can have symptom onset or positive test for adding to the overall cluster number.

“We are well on our way to containment,” Provincetown Town Manager Alex Morse said.

Morse told Boston 25 that the town feels optimistic this decrease in active COVID-19 cases will continue.

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