Retail shops preparing for even more stringent customer limits

BOSTON — Retails stores across Massachusetts are ready to roll with the punches with another reduction in capacity coming on Saturday.

Gov. Charlie Baker announced new restrictions for a number of businesses, including retail, that will take effect on Dec. 26.

Capacity will be reduced from 40 percent to 25 percent just over a week after capacity was cut from 50 percent.

For Philip Saul, owner of Sault New England at 577 Tremont in Boston, it means he’ll be able to count the number of customers allowed in his men’s retail store on one hand.

“We’ll probably be down to about four in this store,” said Saul. “I think it’s going to be another challenging obstacle that we’re going to have to maneuver.”

Saul echoes the sentiment shared by other retail owners amid the latest news from the State House: “…at least it’s not another shutdown.”

“As long as we’re able to be open in some capacity, I feel we’ll be able to continue to operate in a successful way,” said Dani McDonald, owner of Flock women’s clothing and accessories shop at 247 Shawmut Ave. in Boston.

McDonald said she has already been limiting the number of customers to her store to six. That’s less than what’s currently allowed.

The upcoming change will reduce that by one person.

“One of the things that’s personally frustrating is that, as a small business, we’re 1,000 square feet,” explained McDonald. “To kind of cast a net over all retail makes it frustrating and challenging because our needs are different in comparison to bigger stores.”

The new restrictions that take effect on Saturday will be in place at least two weeks.

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