Reading artist lends her handiwork to darkened storefronts

BOSTON — These are heavy times we’re living in and inspiration can often be hard to find. But in some towns north of Boston, it’s in plain sight.

An artist from Reading exchanged her palette for the storefronts of local businesses and now she’s spreading hope, one window at a time. She’s calling it #LetteringforLoveProject.

“I just think it’s a little something that can bring everyone together,” explained Antea Amoroso.

Michaelangelo had the Sistine Chapel to share his art. Amoroso has the front of Rizzo’s Pizzeria & Grille in Middleton. In the spring of 2020, one could argue it’s just as important.

For free, Amoroso is decorating storefronts of local businesses and spreading words of inspiration. So far, about 100 windows, most north of Boston, bear her handiwork.

“Honestly, it made me happy,” said Amoroso. “It made me sad to see all these businesses closed and their storefronts really dark and gloomy, with no business coming in or going out of them. Where I can’t really contribute anything financially to them, I could do something to give back and bring them joy.”

Amoroso had been busy running a business making handmade signs and displays for weddings and other special events. "When all my events started getting canceled, I really needed to fill that creative void, so I went out and started at one window at a friend of mine’s business in downtown Reading,” she said.

Now, the project has gone viral as similar campaigns are underway in New York, Georgia, and Tennessee.

George Rozopoulos, the owner of Rizzo’s, said he likes having something uplifting on his restaurant. “I think it’s just great, just giving hope, encouraging people to never up the faith, and just stay strong as a community.”

As the owner of a small business, Amoroso hopes this artwork will draw people’s attention to the stores while they’re closed. “I think everybody these days is looking for a message, whether it’s something that they see or feel," she said. "I just kind of hope that these words can be an inspiration to them and give them a little reminder when the businesses open back up to come and support them.”

Her most important messages are simple, yet powerful, like “Always find a reason to smile,” which is now on the front of Art’s Cool in Middleton.

Amoroso says she gets the quotes from submissions on her website, or by asking the business owners if they have something specific they’d like on their windows.

If you’d like more information about getting a window decorated, you can Amoroso here.

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