Outdoor mask mandate lifts Friday in MA

BOSTON — The state’s updated reopening would lift most restrictions by August. Beginning tomorrow, the first major step is lifting the outdoor mask mandate if you are safely distanced.

We spent the day in the heart of Quincy Center asking people what they are comfortable doing as the state loosens restrictions.

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“I’ll probably still stay pretty conservative and reserved,” said one woman.

Many said they are comfortable with being without a mask outside. But we did learn many people are planning to go at a different pace than the state.

“I’m comfortable with no masks as long as there is distance,” a man said.

“I feel totally safe walking around outside without a mask,” another person added.

We also asked people about how they feel about sitting at a table inside with 10 people, which will be allowed in the coming weeks.

“Outside, yes, not inside, no,” said a man.

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“At my house, that is one thing. At a restaurant, eh, I think still maybe a table of four,” said another man.

Many people said they prefer to be in groups where everyone is vaccinated. Multiple people told Boston 25 News that they are thankful the restrictions are lifting but they have no problem reversing course on their own based on the situation they are in.

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