Malden Police break up parking lot birthday party after concerns over lack of social distancing

BOSTON — Health officials say there are close to 1,100 people in Malden that tested positive for the coronavirus and at least 50 have died from the virus.

During a time where the world is social distancing, officials say there was a big party held in a parking lot by a highly influential city councilor in Malden. Boston 25 News got a tip that a party in Malden went on as planned, where nearly 50 were in attendance.

According to police and in an incident report obtained by Boston 25 News, Jadeane Sica, a city councilor president for Ward 8 in Malden, held a party for her daughter’s 21st birthday.

“She asked me while we were closed celebrate her daughters 21st in a social distance fashion,” said Anthony DeCotis, the owner of the parking lot.

Through a Zoom interview, Boston 25 spoke to DeCotis, the owner of Townline bowling alley and Mix 360 night club in Malden.

“I can’t really tell you that at every single moment someone kept driving or stopped, it’s a whole new norm for everybody,” said DeCotis.

According to the Malden Police repor, “Jadeanne Sica was having a 21st birthday party for her daughter. Approximately 40 to 50 people gathered with DJ and music. Social distancing not being adhered too. Sica was advised and the partygoers ultimately dispersed."

We’ve learned through police that some of the party goers were not wearing masks.

“During the COVID-19 situation, Malden Police officers have exercised great wisdom, common sense and compassion in their responses,” said a Malden Police spokesperson. “Although COVID-19 has attached more risk to their mission, police officers continue undaunted.”

Despite multiple attempts to reach Sica, we were not able to reach her.

“The reason why they did it outside is to social distance, we have a big parking lot,” said DeCotis. “They could’ve gone out back and kept a secret.”

Police say no arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed.

While Sica did not respond to our repeated attempts to get her side of this, on Friday afternoon she posted on her Facbeook page to address the situation, saying:

“Certainly it wasn’t my intent to send a bad message. I take this pandemic seriously and like all of you can’t wait for us to be past it. But first and foremost, I’m a mother. A mother who is trying her best to find the right balance during a difficult time. If I got it wrong, I’ll own it. Like anyone with kids, I’d move mountains for them, and I was simply trying to find some semi normalcy for my 21-year-old daughter.”

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