Malden firefighters surprise five-year-old girl after bike rescue

MALDEN, Mass. — Hours after freeing a five-year-old girl whose ankle was stuck in her bicycle frame, Malden firefighters returned to surprise the girl with a new bike.

Elliana Burke was riding her bike outside her home on Mother's Day when she began to fall and braced herself, her ankle becoming stuck between the bike frame and pedal.

"I was riding my bike, and then I was going to turn, and then I fell and I got stuck in the pedal," Elliana said.

Elliana's parents tried freeing their daughter's ankle, but, without any luck, they called for help.

"We were trying to get it out using whatever we could, but it wasn't working," Elliana's father, Greg Burke, said. "So we called the fire department, and they came and had to use the Jaws of Life to get the frame off her ankle."

In order to free Elliana, firefighters were forced to bend the frame and take apart the five-year-old's beloved pink and purple bike.

Elliana went to the hospital as a precaution. She suffered only scrapes and bruises.

Once she was home, the fire department returned, surprising Elliana with a brand new bicycle. A video shot by Malden Fire Dept., shows Elliana screeching with excitement.

“The firemen gave me a new bike,” Elliana told Boston 25 News. “It’s awesome.”

The fire department also brought Malden Fire hats and teddy bears for Elliana and her younger sister.

"That was awesome," Greg Burke said. "They didn't have to, especially with everything going on. And to take the time out to make a five-year-old's day with a small gesture, an act of kindness, it's unbelievable."

Elliana is currently taking it easy on her ankle, but she can't wait to start riding her new bike.

“I’m going to ride it when the boo-boo heals,” she said.

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