Lynn officials will start COVID-19 vaccine outreach program for essential workers, residents

Lynn officials will start COVID-19 vaccine outreach program for essential workers, residents

LYNN, Mass. — For weeks, we’ve been telling you about areas hit hard by the pandemic, like Chelsea, Everett and Brockton. We are learning more about vaccine efforts in areas like Lynn and what local leaders doing for the community there.

At Tipico restaurant in Lynn, getting the workers vaccinated is a top priority for manager Melvis Salcedo.

“It’s encouraging for everyone to get vaccinated,” Salcedo said.

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Especially since most of his employees are helping by getting the economy up and running and keeping the restaurant doors open.

“We have 10-12 workers per shift, without them, the operation wouldn’t work at all,” Salcedo said.

It’s something local politicians talked about during Thursday’s visit to Chelsea.

“People that have come here and immigrated here, and they are part of the essential workers, living in close corridors, they’ve been really impacted,” said Lynn Mayor Thomas McGee.

With that, there’s fear in the hard-hit communities, such as Lynn, Revere and Everett, about getting vaccinated.

“I think the thing we are seeing is that people are not calling if they’re fearful. It’s more about how do we reach the people that are not able to book their appointment,” said Kimberly Eng, chief operating officer at Lynn Community Health Center.

Once the vaccine is readily available here in Lynn, ambassadors, as well as people here from the city of Lynn, will be going around to popular places handing out pamphlets.

“We’ve been to three senior housing locations that are low income, community of color, diverse group living in those,” said Eng.

Back at Tipico, these essential workers are just thankful to have a job and provide for their families while they’re waiting to get vaccinated.

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