COVID booster shots gives parents more to consider as back-to-school approaches

EVERETT, Mass. — Families will now be juggling their booster shot schedule for the start of the school year.

Some families are concerned the waning vaccines may make them more vulnerable to spread as their children go back to school. This year, back-to-school supplies are also becoming things like PPE and Covid vaccines.

Jessica Baptiste got her shot early on, now she’s waiting to find out if her J&J shot needs a booster.

“Kind of, sort of, I guess it is good in a way just to be safe than sorry. That’s how I feel, if I have to take it, I’ll take it again,” Baptiste said.

Baptiste was at the Eliot Family Resource Center event in Everett getting help with everything she will need to send her 12- and 10-year-old sons back to school. She’s not fully sold on vaccinations for her kids – one is eligible now.

“I’m kind of hesitant for my boys. I have been hearing a lot of things for the children. Friends, their kids are getting sick off the vaccine, so I don’t feel comfortable right now,” Baptiste said.

Eliot Family Resource Director Liliana Patino said they helped connect nearly 2,000 families with critical supplies for back-to-school. This year adding PPE and the COVID vaccine.

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“A lot of young kids are doing it, 12 and older, which is wonderful, and that’s what we wanted as a priority today,” Patino said.

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and State Representative Joe McGonagle volunteered at the event and pointed out many families still have questions with the original vaccine shot, never mind the newly announced booster.

“It’s a little confusing to people that the information continues to change,” DeMaria said.

“If they say get a booster, then we all should. It’s simple as that. Trust the doctors,” McGonagle said.

Mayor DeCarlo has also added more testing in Everett.

“You should also continue to get tested because if you get tested and found positive then you can quarantine and not spread it to other people,” DeMaria said.

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