Are members of Congress ‘jumping’ the line before health care workers?

BOSTON — As health care workers who are dealing with COVID-19 patients are getting vaccinated across the state, we are seeing several politicians, and some celebrities also getting vaccinated. But should they be getting it before health care workers and those most at-risk?

Dr. Jon Santiago is an emergency room physician at Boston Medical Center who got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine the day of the snow storm.

“I’m due for the second dose in the matter of weeks, I’m ready to jump back in the ER and see patients as soon as possible,” said Dr.Santiago.

Santiago is also a captain in the Army reserve who just returned to Boston after serving Kuwait.

But his impressive resume doesn’t stop there. Santiago also serves as a state representative in the Boston area. Over the last few days, several politicians, including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, got vaccinated. We asked doctor Santiago who should be among the first to receive the vaccine.

“We should prioritize healthcare workers, they’re interacting with people with COVID-19, and they’re putting themselves at risk, their lives at risk,” said Dr.Santiago.

On Twitter, Markey said he got vaccinated “for the continuity of government.”

“When it comes to Congress, I do have some concerns, it’s a Congress that’s been slow to act,” said Santiago.

While we are on the second surge of the virus, the memories of what happened the first time around are fresh on health care workers’ minds.

“I remember being in the emergency department, and having no place to house people, this is a scary virus. It’s dangerous,” Santiago said.

And even more dangerous now, as hospitals are starting to fill up in the ICU.

“I have faith in the medical community, my nurses. My hope is that we all get the vaccine as soon as possible,” said Santiago.

Santiago said the bottom line is that he hopes this vaccine is equally distributed across the Boston area, and across the state. With that said, the governor made the plea, and is begging people to only celebrate the holidays with immediate household members.

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