Greater Boston Food Bank provides meals to kids while schools are closed

While Massachusetts schools are closed for at least the next three weeks, food banks are scrambling to make sure they can help offer food to students who rely on the meals they get at school.

The Greater Boston Food Bank is working with Boston Public Schools, as well as communities across Massachusetts, to set up stations where families can come and pick up meals.

“This is a situation that no one has technically prepared for,” said Catherine Drennan, communications director of the Greater Boston Food Bank. “It’s a disaster like we’ve never really experienced.”

Greater Boston Food Bank employees are scrambling to make sure they have a system in place to offer food to students across Massachusetts while schools are closed.

Drennan says most kids in Boston rely on free and reduced meals at school during the week.

“We are working tirelessly around the clock to make sure all of our operations are continuing without any disruptions,” Drennan said. “So that’s our biggest priority is making sure people are healthy and safe and we’re able to move the food out the door.”

She said they’re working on setting up remote food pantries at various schools and public buildings where families can come to pick up the food they need.

“Right now, there’s no issue about getting food, we have the food, we just need to get out the door and out to the people.

"So the biggest thing people can do right now if there’s one thing, just donate.”

Drennan said financial donations will make the biggest impact right now to prevent too many people from coming to their warehouse.

If you need assistance with food for your family or need to know the best location where you can get that food, you can call 211.