Woman indicted in boyfriend’s suicide will face a judge on Friday

BOSTON — The girlfriend indicted in connection to her boyfriend’s suicide is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

Inyoung You, 21, of South Korea, will be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court at 9:30 a.m. on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her former boyfriend, 22-year-old Alexander Urtala.

Prosecutors said You was in South Korea when announcing the indictment in October.

You, a former Boston College student, is accused of being physically, verbally and psychologically abusive toward Urtula during their 18-month relationship. Authorities say the abuse became more frequent, more powerful, and more demeaning in the days and hours leading up to Urtula's death.

On May 20, Urutula took his own life by jumping from a parking garage to his death just hours before he was set to walk at his graduation. Investigators say You was there when Urutula made the decision to end his life.

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"The investigation revealed that Ms. You used manipulative attempts and threats of self-harm to control him. It also found that she was aware of his spiraling depression and suicidal thoughts brought on by her abuse, yet she persisted, continuing to encourage to take his own life," Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said when announcing the charges last month.

Officials say in the two months prior to Urtula's death, the couple exchanged more than 75,000 text messages, of which You sent more than 47,000.

Amid the tens of thousands of text messages shared by the couple were texts from You saying things like "Go kill yourself," or "Just die."

Earlier this week You, through a public relations firm, released text messages suggesting she tried to stop Urtula and alerted Urtula's brother in the moments before his death.

According to Rollins, You was controlling to the point where she would track Urtula's location through his cellphone to find him.

The indictment alleges You's behavior was wanton and reckless and resulting in "overwhelming Urtula's will to live; and that she created life-threatening conditions for Mr. Urtula that she had a legal duty to alleviate, which she failed to do."

Following the announcement of her arraignment, the Urtula family released the following statement:

"Since losing Alexander in May, the Urtula family and everyone who loved Alex has been devastated by his loss. Not a minute of any day goes by without those who loved Alex grieving and continually feeling the sharp pain of his passing all over again. Alex's family respects the process underway in Massachusetts and, because it is ongoing and because the pain of their loss is still so fresh for those who loved him, the family will not be making any further public comments at this time. We are grateful for the support of the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, particularly the victim witness advocates and all the resources they have made available to our family. We ask that the news media and public respect their wishes to grieve privately and honor Alex's memory by allowing his family and friends the privacy they need during this difficult time."

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