Family still searching for answers 4 years after NH woman's murder

Family still searching for answers 4 years after NH woman's murder

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Earlier on Thursday, groups of people trying to solve a murder got together and retraced the victim's last steps.

Denise Robert was gunned down in Manchester, N.H. four years ago. Her family has never given up hope that justice will happen.

The case remains classified as open but the Roberts family feels it has gone cold. They walked from a nearby church through a quiet residential community to the spot where the 62-year-old was shot in the head four years ago.

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"It hasn't been a good time for a long time," said Joe Robert, Denise's brother.

"After four years you begin to wonder," said Claire Blanchard, one of Denise’s cousins.

The hole left in the fabric of the tight-knit Robert family can't be filled. But Denise's family is channeling the love they have for her into their continuing crusade for answers in her puzzling murder.

"It's been four years and this person could still be living amongst us," said Tom Robert, another brother of Denise.

"I don't think anybody would want to go to their death bed with that untold secret," Joe added.

Denise, the oldest of 12 children, had a successful career in advertising sales with the New Hampshire Union Leader. Her co-workers described the 62-year-old as straight-laced and sweet.

"I don't think anybody who met Denise didn’t fall in love with her," Donna Ridener said.

But did someone have it out for Denise that her family and friends didn’t know about? The motive of her murder is still hard to comprehend, especially for Denise's mother.

"Who could it be?" asked her mother, Jeannine. "I've kind of lost hope."

But Denise's siblings have not, walking the route she routinely took for years with hopes of jogging someone’s conscience.

"Maybe it might be the little piece of the puzzle that goes together that makes everything else make sense," Tom said.

Some neighbors say they saw a red pickup truck leaving the area on the night of the murder. It has never been located and neither has the bullet that ended Denise's life.

Three detectives that had been assigned to concentrate on the investigation no longer work full-time on the case, but police say all remain involved in the search for answers.