E.coli, staph among bacteria that could be living inside your makeup bag

Nearly $700,000 of counterfeir cosmetics was recovered by the Los Angeles Police Department.

BOSTON — Do you know what's inside your makeup bag?

Cosmetics aside, thousands of cultures can be found inside the little bag, including E.coli and staphylococcus.

Researchers at Aston University found that the item that carries the most germs inside makeup bags is the beauty blender sponge.

The phenomenally popular item is used to apply foundation and to do contouring.

About 93% of those who use the tiny sponge said that they have never once washed their beauty blender, and 64% admitted to dropping theirs on the floor at some point and still not washing it.

Ideally, those sponges should be washed every day and at the very least every week and thrown out every three months. You can wash them with just soap and water.

Aside from not cleaning makeup application products like the beauty blender sponges, researchers say we're also making another big mistake when it comes to makeup.

They say people have a tendency to hold on to their makeup products for too long, which is mostly problematic in the U.S. given there are no laws mandating expiration dates be printed on makeup containers.

Researchers say you should throw your makeup out about every six months when it comes to mascara. Foundation and concealer will last anywhere from a year to two and eyeshadow and blush can last for up to two years.

If your makeup starts smelling bad, if it's changed color or if the texture has changed are all signs that it's probably gone bad.

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