DA optimistic in resolution of Molly Bish case

Seventeen years after Warren lifeguard Molly Bish disappeared from a local pond, the District Attorney tells Boston 25 News he is optimistic this long unsolved case might be resolved.

Worcester County DA Joe Early, almost exactly 17 years after Molly Bish disappeared from Comins Pond tells Boston 25 News reporter Bob Ward, there is progress in one of New England's best known unsolved cases.

“I feel hopeful. We have some of the best state police detectives in the country, we have some of the best people working on this,” said Early.

Much of that optimism seems to come from DNA evidence.

Last year, investigators submitted 24 pieces of evidence to the State Police Crime Lab for DNA and forensic testing.

Some of the results are back, and the DA says some of it is helping to give the investigation direction.
"They are not bringing us further away from a suspect," said Early.

Two State police detectives are now reviewing the enormous Bish file. They are re-interviewing witnesses, and talking to original detectives.

Boston 25 News asked the DA about potential suspects including Rodney Stanger, the former Southbridge man, now a convicted killer in Florida.

“I don’t want to talk about one person. A lot of people are being considered,” said Early.

Recently a private detective used ground penetrating radar to look for a suspicious white car that Molly Bish's mother saw at Comins Pond the day before Molly vanished.

The DA says that search has not been productive, but says other work is making him hopeful.

“I am optimistic if we keep doing what we need to do, and our state police are such professionals. We keep doing what we need to do, we are going to get there,” said Early.

But the DA says his investigators really need a break. It could come from DNA, or it could come from a tip. And he says, even after 17 years, those tips are constantly coming in. He's not giving up on Molly Bish.