Crime files: the murder of Pat O'Hagan and the disappearance of Miguel Oliveras

BOSTON (FOX 25 / FOX 25'S Bob Ward revisits the disappearance of two New England residents just days away from the anniversary of the days they both went missing.

Miguel Oliveras was last seen on September 3, 2006. He was leaving the Platinum Plus Strip Club in Portland, Maine. Police have been trying to identify the man seen in a video alongside Miguel, but six years later he remains unidentified.

Miguel lived in Boston, but traveled to Portland to see an on-again, off-again girlfriend who was dancing at the strip club. Witnesses say Miguel was getting vocal in the club and was asked to leave.

Did he somehow get back to Boston and disappear? Or did something happen to him in Maine? This is a troubling mystery.

No sign of Miguel has surfaced in six years. His mother, Myrna Gonzalez, is heartbroken. She has pleaded with police in Boston and Maine. She has even hired a private investigator, but there are still no real answers in the case.

Miguel is also a father. One of his children is a special needs child. The mother of Miguel's children says she has not heard from Miguel either.

Anyone with information is asked to notify police.

Ward also discussed the disappearance of Pat O'Hagan, a well-liked grandmother from Sheffield, Vermont.

On Sept. 10, it will be two years since Pat was abducted from her home and murdered. She was 78.

In 2011, investigators revealed that more than one person might have been involved.

O'Hagan's body was discovered in the woods of Wheelock, Vermont about 10 miles away from here home.

Vermont detectives recently said they are still gathering information about the case. They believe there are still people out there who have yet to come forward with what they know.

There is a $25,000 reward offered in the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact Vermont State Police.