• Boston plans to use barges from Southie to rebuild Long Island Bridge

    By: Robert Goulston


    BOSTON - In 2015, the bridge that led people to Long Island was demolished, but it could now see new life. 

    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wants to rebuild it, but not everyone agrees with his plan. Boston and Quincy have been in a standoff over the proposal to rebuild the bridge to make way for a regional recovery campus for people dealing with addiction, but Quincy officials don't want the added traffic. 

    Boston released a video showing the old Long Island Bridge piers. Boston wants to rebuild the bridge that goes from Moon Island to Long Island, which are both in Boston, but the only road to the bridge runs through Quincy's Sqantum neighborhood.

    "Our focus is on this because we think it is a good plan. A really great location in the Boston Harbor. We have an existing set of buildings," said Boston Chief of Streets Chris Osgood.

    The old bridge was imploded in 2015 due to safety concerns and Quincy officials have been against the idea of rebuilding it. The mayor's office tells us Boston continues to "push a bridge that its own contractors believe doesn't meet today's safety standards.... and they've never provided any reason why the island cannot be accessed by a robust ferry system." 

    But the city's design consultant told us Friday the concrete piers have been tested and would be able to support a new bridge for at least 75 more years. 

    The city also explained how they plan to assemble the 14 bridge spans at a location like Dry Dock #4 in South Boston and float the pieces over to the bridge construction area. 

    Boston told us a ferry system would not be suitable because they need the ambulance access for the recovery campus. 

    The bridge has seen quite a few hurdles out of the gate. Right now, there are two lawsuits; one of which needs to be resolved before construction can start.

    "We certainly understand the concerns the citizens of Quincy have and we want to work with them," said Osgood. 

    Boston is holding a public meeting on Monday night in Dorchester to educate the public on the proposal. 


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