• Quincy residents upset about proposed bridge to Boston's Long Island


    BOSTON – It’s been more than two years since the Bridge to Boston’s Long Island was demolished, but on Monday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh vowed to rebuild it.

    “I pledge to you today that we are and we will rebuild the bridge back to Long Island,” he said during his second Inaugural Address.

    They’re powerful words, but to some residents who leave near the road leading to the new bridge they don’t sit well.

    “I think it’s hugely expensive and it’s a stupid idea,” Quincy resident Bob Johnson said.

    The island, Walsh said, will help opioid addicts with much needed treatment.

    “We will create on Long Island a comprehensive long-term recovery campus that our city and our state needs now more than ever to tackle the opioid crisis,” Walsh said during his speech.

    The island is part of Boston, but the bridge would actually connect the island into the city of Quincy.

    Before it was demolished, residents of the area said the old bridge leading to a homeless shelter and treatment on the facility created constant traffic.

    Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch said praised Mayor Walsh’s commitment to fight addiction but says he agrees with residents of his city.

    “To stake the future of the island to a new bridge just doesn’t make sense to me, both from a financial perspective and from a neighborhood perspective,” Koch said.

    One alternate proposal is to use ferries to help people get to and from the island.

    “I think that if they just used water transportation and isolated what was going on on the island I would be ok with that,” Quincy resident Karina Joyce said.


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