Auto auction crash victim was ‘happy person,' says brother

BILLERICA, Mass. — At least three people are dead and nine injured after a driver in his 70s crashed into a crowd at an auto auction Wednesday morning in Billerica.

The driver and victims haven’t been formally identified, but Orlando Aponte said his sister, Leezandra Aponte, is one of the people killed Wednesday.

“I was working I was at my job my mom called me and said, 'Your sister got in an accident,'" Orlando said. “I called Lowell General asked if my sister is here. They said no. I called this place [Lahey Hospital] and they said they’re going to transfer me to another person. That person said, 'I need you down here.'"

Leezandra has a son who is in the Army and two younger daughters. The two teenage girls were at the hospital with their grandmother when Orlando arrived. The heartbroken expression on their faces said it all.

“She was at my mom’s house yesterday. My mom painted her nails. My mom cooked her dinner," he said.  “She was a great mother. All I can say is she was a great mother."

She had just returned from vacation with the girls and was working at the auction for the first time through a temp agency.

Orlando Aponte said his sister was working there to save up enough money for her daughter's Quinceanera.

“Her son doesn’t know yet I tried to get in touch with the Army they said they’ll try to get back with me in a few hours,” Orlando said.

Hospital employees told Orlando that his sister died fast, and wasn’t in agony.

“She was rushed to here they said they tried to give her CPR but she wasn’t responding they said she didn’t suffer,” he said.