• ARL: Dogs found abandoned 20 miles apart may be connected


    BROOKLINE, Mass. - Police in two towns are investigating after two dogs were found in horrible shape miles away from each other. 

    A dog, who now goes by Chester, was found matted, malnourished and filthy in Brookline. But it wasn't his condition that piqued the interest of police. It was his resemblance to the dog, Angel, who was found in similar condition in Beverly

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    Animal Rescue League workers say the cases are so similar, they're now working with Brookline and Beverly Police on the assumption that the two dogs are somehow connected.

    "Just the similar nature of the way he was found, the condition he was in, and obviously the breed that he is. There were just too many similarities there to ignore," said Mike Defina. 

    While no one knows what either of these two dogs have been through, Defina says the ARL is working with police to figure that out. They are hoping now to hear from anyone who may know their story. 

    "We really need to find out where these dogs came from who was caring for them - or who was not caring for them," said Defina. 

    Both dogs will eventually be up for adoption, likely in a few weeks once they recover.

    In the meantime, anyone who recognizes these dogs is asked to call your local police department or the Animal Rescue League. 

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