• Police in Beverly asking for help in finding neglected dog's owner

    By: Jim Morelli


    BEVERLY, Mass. -  A few Good Samaritans rescued a neglected, elderly dog they found wandering the streets of Beverly about a week ago. Now, Beverly Police is asking for help in finding that dog's owner -- who could potentially face serious charges.

    The dog, now nicknamed "Angel" by the Animal Rescue League of Boston, was found in appalling condition at the intersection of Charnock and Prospect Streets. 

    According to the Beverly Police Department, the 10-year-old male was severely malnourished and dirty. The dog's overgrown nails were also causing him pain and discomfort while walking.

    The dog is neutered but not micro-chipped, making it critical that the public steps in to help law enforcement and the Animal Rescue League find who is responsible for the dog's condition. 

    The fact that the dog is neutered is an important clue, says Alan Borgal of the Animal Rescue League. 

    "You wouldn't neuter a dog if you didn't initially like it," Borgal says. 

    Beverly's Animal Control officers say that the fact that no one has called looking for the dog suggests that Angel is probably not a local stray, which are generally dogs that get out by accident.

    "We're very concerned this dog was dumped here in Beverly," says Borgal.

    The dog was soaked in urine when the Animal Rescue League first got him, which makes Borgal believe the dog must've been kept in filthy conditions for a long time. That could mean the owner intentionally abandoned him.

    In fact in Massachusetts, cruel abandonment as it's known, is a felony. 

    That means, if the owner is located, they could be looking at seven years in jail per count and a $5,000 fine. 

    A week after the dog was found, the dog's fur is still threadbare and his skin sore. But, there is hope.

    "I think the health status is good," says Borgal. "We just want to make sure the dog is behaviorally sound." 

    After Angel passes the test, the Good Samaritans who found him want to give him a new home.

    Anyone with information regarding this dog or it's owner is asked to contact Beverly Animal Control at (978) 605-2361 or ARL Law Enforcement at (617) 426-9170.

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