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Legal pressure applied against father & stepmom in Harmony Montgomery investigation

MANCHESTER, N.H. — The multi-day search for Harmony Montgomery at the Manchester, NH house where she once lived with her biological father and his estranged wife failed to turn up the missing child, but it appears prosecutors are stepping up their efforts to try to get Kayla Montgomery to talk.

Kayla Montgomery is accused of using $1500.00 worth of Harmony’s food stamps, long after Harmony disappeared.

NH prosecutors are dropping Kayla’s existing welfare fraud charge and are replacing it with another felony: theft by deception.

They are also adding eight misdemeanors on top of it.

It’s more legal pressure for a mother of three, perhaps to convince her to talk.

“It sounds as if it’s crucial, that without any evidence at this time, that they find somebody that is willing to tell them what is going on. And that is why they obviously want to put whatever pressure they can on people to talk,” Boston attorney Peter Elikann said.

Meanwhile, Harmony’s biological father, Adam Montgomery, is also in jail.

According to a police affidavit, he has refused to speak to the police about his missing daughter’s whereabouts.

Adam Montgomery has a lengthy criminal history.

He is accused of giving Harmony a black eye at the Manchester, NH house in 2019.

Harmony, of course, is missing, the evidence against Adam seems to come from his family.

Boston attorney Peter Elikann says it is likely there’s more legal pressure being applied to Adam, too.

“I think the very fact there is a history of Adam assaulting this child, and then suddenly she disappears, it’s clear they are looking into it. And trying to prove a case against him, or possibly even a homicide,” Elikann said.

Kayla Montgomery will return to court for arraignment on her new charges on Thursday, January 13th.