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A high profile sex offender is out of jail and back home in Melrose after bail fund pays for his release

MELROSE, Mass. — A Cambridge-based nonprofit paid to free a level 3 sex offender who authorities describe as “dangerous.”

Tyler Jacquard walked out of jail a free man after the Massachusetts Bail Fund, which seeks to free “individuals serving pre-trial sentences,” paid a $30,000 bail for Tyler Jacquard, according to Peabody District Court documents obtained by 25 Investigates.

Jacquard, 34, of Melrose, was arrested in June after video of him surfaced where he is allegedly seen exposing himself to girls as young as 13 while parked at a shopping plaza in Lynnfield.

25 Investigates previously reported on Jacquard last August when charges against him for breaking into a women’s dorm room at Endicott College were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

At that time Jacquard’s criminal record included 23 arraignments and approximately 10 convictions for lewd and lascivious behavior and open and gross conduct. He is now back home in Melrose with his mother.

“If you look at his history, and you can google him, you’ll find it,” Chief Michael Lyle of the Melrose Police Department told investigative reporter Ted Daniel. “You know, his crimes seem to be getting elevated. And it’s real concerning for me.”

The Massachusetts Bail Fund, which runs on donations, has been criticized for bailing out people charged with serious offenses, including rape and attempted murder. Just last month, the fund paid to free another level 3 sex offender, Shawn McClinton. McClinton was re-arrested soon after his release for allegedly raping a Quincy woman who police say he tried to strangle.

According to the Fund’s website, it provides bail money “low-income people can stay free while they work towards resolving their case, allowing individuals, families, and communities to stay productive, together, and stable.”

“We have victims in Melrose involved with Mr. Jacquard, and now throughout the region,” said Lyle. “I would hope (Massachusetts Bail Fund) would have that information. Anybody that has any inkling of what this guy’s done in the past would certainly have reservations about assisting him in any way.”

25 Investigates contacted the Massachusetts Bail Fund through its website. We wanted to know if the group was aware of Jacquard’s history of victimizing young women. Our inquiry was not immediately addressed.


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