Chelsea police trying to locate two missing 17-year-old girls

CHELSEA, Mass. — “My heart is just broken. I don’t know what to do,” Joanna Velasquez told Boston 25′s Bob Ward Monday. She has not seen her daughter, Marlayna in nearly a week.

Marlayna Velasquez was last seen on November 16 at the apartment she shares with her mother. Joanna thinks her daughter could be in New York, but the truth is, she could be anywhere, and that terrifies her.

“She’s a young pretty girl and I just am worried about a lot of things: people selling her, drugs, trafficking all those things are running through my mind. I’m very, very worried,” Joanna Velasquez said.

At Chelsea Police Headquarters, Lt. David Betz is trying to find Marlayna, and he shares Joanna’s concern.

“It’s a very dark place out there and people can take advantage of anybody,” Lt. Betz said.

Lt. Betz is also looking for another 17-year-old: Virginia Alvarez.

She, like Marlayna, is a student at Chelsea High School.

These are two separate cases.

Virginia may be in Lynn with a boyfriend, but no one knows for sure.

Virginia has been missing since November 6, and tracking her has been nearly impossible.

“Her phone number that she was using was a signed texting app so it’s a ghost phone or a burner,” Lt Betz said.

Lt. Betz is entering both Virginia Alvarez and Marlayna Velasquez into national missing person databases, and he is actively running down leads.

He wants to make sure the two young people are safe.

“These kids are susceptible to anything. When these kids are out there and they don’t have the means to provide for themselves as they would when they are home. They may resort to any number of methods to get that support,” Lt Betz said.

Just days before Thanksgiving, Joanna, simply wants her daughter, home.

“Marlayna we love you so much. Please please please please come home!” Joanna Velasquez said.

Call Chelsea Police at (617)466-4855 with any information.