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Weather Alert: Blistering heat wave continues


A HEAT ADVISORY and EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING are in effect AGAIN for heat indices up to 105 degrees today. Highs will make it to the 90s, possibly before noon in Boston, making the heat wave official when that happens. Yesterday it was record heat in the city with a high of 98 degrees. Hopefully it will be a few degrees lower, not that it will feel much different!

We’ll also have to stay alert for scattered strong and severe thunderstorms in the afternoon, especially from 2-7 PM. Torrential rain and frequent lightning will be possible with any developing pop up. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings will be issued where damaging gusts or large hail form. Both Boston and Worcester are at risk for stormy weather this afternoon and early evening. Storms will weaken and fade with the setting sun.


A front will slowly cross the area from north to south tomorrow. That will trigger scattered showers, downpours, and thunderstorms. Most of the activity will be focused in the afternoon, but isolated showers are possible before that. I’m hopeful that Friday’s Zip Trip in Reading will stay dry, mostly cloudy, and humid. We’ll be on the look out for a spot shower. Rain is more of a concern at the Celtic’s Parade in Boston from 11-1 PM with growing chances.

You’ll notice a drop in temperatures with highs in the upper 70s at the coast and low to mid 80s in central MA. That cooler air will help suppress the severe weather potential locally, though downpours and some lightning will remain concerns. The strongest storms with potential wind damage will be centered over western MA and CT where temperatures peak near 90 degrees again.

Humidity will briefly drop Friday night and Saturday before climbing to tropical territory again Sunday. We’ll have some showers around over the weekend but it won’t be a washout. Saturday has the best chance for rain with a warm front nearby or overhead.

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