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Jason Brewer joined the Boston 25 Weather team in January 2015 and appears on the Boston 25 Weekend Morning newscasts. He is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM). Jason joined Boston 25 from WESH-TV in Orlando and prior to that he forecasted at KPRC-TV in Houston, WTVD-TV in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., and KOSA-TV in Odessa, Texas. Jason spent many of his childhood years in Connecticut where his first weather memories were formed. “I remember Hurricane Gloria passing by and the look of the sky and the wind left me in awe. I loved staying up late and getting up early whenever a snow day was possible and watching the forecast with high hopes of building a snow fort the next day.” He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in earth science with minors in environmental studies and Spanish from Baylor University. He earned his Bachelor of Science in meteorology at Metropolitan State College of Denver. One of his proudest achievements was covering Hurricane Ophelia when it struck the Outer Banks of North Carolina. “Experiencing a category one hurricane gave me a glimpse of what the largest storms on Earth can unleash. Helping people understand the effects the storm would have on their property and their own lives was very rewarding,” Jason says. Jason and his wife have three sons, Wils, Benton, and Witt. They also have two chocolate labs, Baylor and Copley. When he's not forecasting the weather, Jason loves spending time with his wife, Boston 25's Vanessa Welch, being a Dad, skiing, traveling, music, cooking, hiking and even golf when his busy schedule allows. Facebook: @JasonBrewerBoston25 Twitter: @JBrewerBoston25

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