• No, Earth will not experience 15 days of darkness

    By: Dylan DeBruyn


    It's time to set the record straight on a recent story involving Venus and Jupiter that's causing concern.

    In most recent days, rumors have been spinning around that Earth will experience 15 days of darkness this November, simply because a fake NASA document that was “leaked.” Reports say that from November 15 at approximately 2:50 a.m., the Earth will go dark (and not just for a few minutes – but days) until November 30 at 4:45 p.m.

    Now, their silly reasoning behind this is that Jupiter and Venus will “come in close proximity of each other” which somehow causes a reaction with the sun and theoretically cause the sun to go out.

    Well, no need to worry because this theory is nonsense and has absolutely no scientific reasoning behind it. Our planet will NOT experience 15 days of darkness. But for fun, here is a list of things that could happen if we did experience just a week of complete darkness:

    • You would first notice it would get pretty cold, pretty quickly (since there is no sun to head the surface and atmosphere on earth)
    • No sun means no photosynthesis and those cold temperatures sure wouldn’t help anything grow (so I guess no more plants or food for us!)
    • Finally, if the sun decided to take a vacation for a week – the gravitational effect on us and other planets would be monumental. Without gravity, our planet would just float off into space.

    But again, no need to worry, there will not be a blackout for days on end. The closest thing we will ever get to this is another solar eclipse (like we experienced the other day).

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