Who takes the throne as Boston’s sports hero if Tom Brady leaves the Patriots?

All eyes in Patriots Nation will be on Saturday's AFC wild-card matchup with the Tennessee Titans.

BOSTON — All eyes in Patriots Nation will be on Saturday’s AFC wild-card matchup with the Tennessee Titans. Amid all of the excitement, some are wondering if this could be the last time Tom Brady plays in New England.

Inside Sportsworld in Saugus, 6-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is front and center.

“This is a dynasty of all dynasties,” said Phil Castinetti.

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If Boston had a Mount Rushmore for its sports legends, Castinetti says it would be crowded, “I would have to put Brady in the top three. I would say, [Bobby] Orr, [Bill] Russell, [Larry] Bird."

The Sports Museum at TD Garden executive director Rusty Sullivan has similar picks.

“I think you take Tom Brady, and I think you take Bill Russell and you gotta take Bobby Orr and you gotta take Ted Williams, and you really have to take Larry Bird and David Ortiz,” said Sullivan.

Boston has a long history of developing some of the biggest sports stars who ever played their game, but if the greatest of all time does leave, the big question will be, who is the next one?

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“I don’t think there is anybody right now that is going to step up in any of the major sports,” said Castinetti.

Brady’s legacy, as we all know, has turned into pet names and children’s names for some of his biggest fans.

“My buddy across the street, he named his son Brady ESPN... E-S-P-N, how funny is that?” Castinetti said.

The Sports Museum reminds people there will be new talents nobody even knows yet.

“If you flashback to 2001, 2002, Brady was an obscure draft pick from the University of Michigan and David Ortiz was a journeyman first baseman for the Minnesota Twins,” said Sullivan. “We don’t know who the next Tom Brady is, but quite frankly, that is a tough standard to rise to. It really is.”